Highland Park home inspection explains pros and cons of a home inspection.

Highland Park home inspection helps explain the pros and cons of a home inspection.  Generally, you are told you need a home inspection but not why you need it.  I’m going to tell you why- the cons first.  The biggest con for not getting a home inspection is the cost of the services.  The other con is the time it takes.

The Highland Park home inspection was a scale of why and why not.  The why not was defined by the costs of the services?  The costs of a standard home inspection with a radon measurement and termite inspection was $695.00.  The fees for the services paid themselves of f very quickly at the Highland Park home inspection.

The “why” portion of the scale explained itself very fast.  When I went on the roof, I saw that the asphalt shingles were already cracking and curling and were on their way out.  Replacement of the roof was estimated to be at least $7200.00.  There were 2 layers of shingles on the roof and a 3rd layer would not be permitted by code.  That means a total tear off of all the shingles would be warranted.  The  roof replacement  cost of $7200.00 would be required.   The next item I deemed to be repaired was the severe cracking in the asphalt driveway.  These two items were approx. $9000.00.  You can see other repair costs at http://www.pinnaclepropertyinspection.com/repair-replacement-costs.html.  The Highland Park home inspection delivered an answer of YES to the home inspection question.  My clients from this home inspection would agree wholeheartedly.  Who has 9 grand to just give away?   That’s why you hire a professional home inspector to represent you and your family.  There is just to many issues that can be hidden that the home owners don’t know about that you would inherit unknowingly.  The Highland Park home inspection was just an example of what could be found in your choice of home.  There could be fewer issues or more issues.  The only way of knowing is by getting a home inspection.

If you have questions about home inspections please contact us at http://www.pinnaclepropertyinspection.com/.  Thank you~ Jim Kolke

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